«top» lists…

Top 7, Top 11, Top 19, Top 10… Top numbers for Top lists. All of these make you feel like you have to do things, and they even list them for you. If you happen to stumble upon one concerning a place you’ve visited and can’t tick all or maybe even one of the boxes you get that horrible feeling, you missed out. Some people will even go as far as to ask you why the hell you even went there if you didn’t see this or that top place. On the other hand, if you see the list before you go then you will undoubtedly get to participate in the top however-many most crowded experiences. I believe the only way one of those lists could be true is if you make it yourself, and even then your own list will probably be ever-changing. The top advice about top lists I can give is to throw them away, throw this one away as well, for the only way it could be true is if there was at least one list for every person on the planet, and that list would only be true in that single moment. Don’t let the top list somebody else wrote blind and rob you of the infinity life offers. Open your eyes. Discover your own.

Throw away and forget after reading.

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